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OmniChannel Commerce Management

Create personalized customer experiences across all channels.


Customers no longer only shop online or offline. It’s now normal for customers to switch between various channels, from online stores to apps, to local branches. Not all retailers are prepared for this, but having the right omnichannel strategy brings a vast competitive advantage.

When you run an omnichannel business, sales can happen anywhere and at any time. Making sure you have the right technology to handle this complexity is critical. Businesses that run on Eystx can view and manage all of their orders from their point of sale or their Dashboard, regardless of whether those orders came from their website, over the phone, from a digital marketplace, or from in-person.


What is the service, and how does it work?

Each service combines strategy, customer insight, and technology engineering to deliver a remarkable result for a specific task or goal.

What is omnichannel?

A: Omnichannel is the ability to create a consistent experience for your customers regardless of where, when, or how often they interact with your business. It’s a business strategy that enables you to engage your customers and prospects wherever they are — and make the sale.

Omnichannel vs. multichannel: What's the difference?

A: There are many ways to think about how you create a great customer experience. Omnichannel and multichannel are two separate and often misunderstood ways to approach it.

Multichannel commerce is the ability for a business to interact with its customers on multiple channels — such as email, social media, a website, etc. — but without a consistent approach to messaging or inventory management. It helps you reach more customers in more channels, but it stops short of connecting those channels in a seamless way for you and your customers.

Omnichannel commerce is an integrated approach that puts the customer at the center, with all your marketing and sales channels working together to help you reach, understand, and serve them better.

I need help with growing a charity - can you help?

A: Yes, We’ll be happy to learn more about your needs. Please send me more details here.

I’ve still got some questions...

A: Well, let us take care of that! Simply send us an email hello@eystx.com and We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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