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Slack is the trending communication platform for almost every teams and workplaces. It can be downloaded and used across multiple devices and platforms. It is not only a one-on-one chat platform but at the same time with its features you can share files, have group chats, search and save messages. Being able to have it is great, and integrating it with your other apps and services is better. Eystx team can offer you this integration to lower your workload and maximize the communication between.

By connecting to Slack, Eystx Studio can send notifications and alerts about important events and updates related to your business.  This can help ensure that team members are kept informed and can take action as needed. Additionally, Eystx Studio can use Slack to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration between team members, allowing them to share ideas, ask questions, and get feedback in a timely manner. Overall, the integration between Eystx Studio and Slack can help businesses improve their communication and collaboration, leading to a more efficient and effective impact.


What is the marketplace, and how do I use it?

The marketplace has apps, services, and integrations (Items) that allow you to connect it with Eystx Studio. Each item combines strategy, customer insight, and technology engineering to deliver a remarkable result for a specific task or goal.

How do I add and manage marketplace items through my account?

Upon your request, you will decide on the item, and we will add them to your Studio playground depending on your business needs. 

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