Google Sheets

Create, edit, and share spreadsheets wherever you are, and get automated insights from your data.


Google Sheets looks and functions much like any other spreadsheet tool, but because it’s an online app, it offers much more than most spreadsheet tools. Enables users to work on the documents, google sheets create and edit spreadsheets directly in your web browser no special software is required. Multiple people can work simultaneously, you can see people’s changes as they make them, and every change is saved automatically.

Eystx Studio can help your business leverage the full potential of Google Sheets, a powerful tool for organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data. By integrating Google Sheets with Eystx Studio, your team can gain even more insights and capabilities. These might include the ability to create custom reports and dashboards, automate workflows, or use Google Sheets’ data analysis and modeling features. Eystx Studio has the expertise and tools to help your business maximize the benefits of this powerful platform.


What is the marketplace, and how do I use it?

The marketplace has apps, services, and integrations (Items) that allow you to connect it with Eystx Studio. Each item combines strategy, customer insight, and technology engineering to deliver a remarkable result for a specific task or goal.

How do I add and manage marketplace items through my account?

Upon your request, you will decide on the item, and we will add them to your Studio playground depending on your business needs. 

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