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Take your business to the next level.

Connect your playground with +100 services and integrations, giving your business a powerful collaboration of behavioral insight and industry-leading technologies.






Shopify Plus

Enterprise eCommerce platform designed for high-growth merchants and brands who have high levels of annual revenue


An open-source platform that permits users to develop a fully-customizable website in minutes


Build, run and grow a better online business that's up and running in less time, with less cost

Big Cartel

Build a unique online store, sell your work, and run a creative business


Accepting payments with Square. Clear rates, fast deposits. Sell online and in person, and sync all payments, items, and inventory


Enables the retail sector to enter the world of electronic retail in an easy and professional way


eCommerce platform based on a store set up in Arabic

Google Shopping

After Amazon, Google Shopping is the second most popular platform for customers to start their product searches


Find suppliers and sourcing agent and AliExpress dropshipping


Create and sell custom products, We handle the rest


Includes entire process of on-demand online printing, fulfilment and shipping.

Apple App Store

Get into the process of increasing the visibility of your app or game on Apple Store

Google Play

An online store that has apps, games, and digital content specially for android users


Get shipping rates from the UPS API which handles both domestic and international parcels


Build your own eCommerce international shipping through Aramex


Get shipping rates from the USPS API which handles both domestic and international parcels

DHL Express

DHL ServicePoints in your shop and track and trace information


Get shipping rates from the FedEx API which handles both domestic and international parcels


Checkout faster, safer, and more easily with PayPal

Amazon Pay

Pay with Amazon is the fast, easy and safe way to pay online and on mobile


Accept payments as easy as your customers send them


Sync your sales, refunds, and payouts with QuickBooks Online


Track business expenses and accounting for point-of-sale, e-commerce, time-tracking, and more.


Automate and simplify sales tax management, reporting and filing

Zoho Invoice

Invoicing solution designed for small businesses and freelancers


Powerful native CRM integrations, simple connectors, and other out-of-the-box solutions help to streamline your document workflow


Automated agreements help your whole organization work better


Drag and drop online form builder for WordPress

Ninja Forms

Easy use and flexible WordPress Form builder

Gravity Forms

Create product add-ons using the powerful form building capabilities found in Gravity Forms


Simplifies the process of providing excellent customer support


All types of creators to sell their work (music, art, books, films, etc) directly to their audiences


Manage your sales, contacts, projects and team


Track leads, spot opportunities, measure key activities, streamline sales workflows and focus on sales success.

Zoho CRM

Design to attract, retain, and satisfy customers to grow your business via ZOHO CRM, a web-based CRM

Google Firebase

App development platform; build and grow apps and games users love

Google Tag Manager

The Google Tag Manager app is an easy way to automate your analytics and conversion setup


Manage and analyze your data with built-in features like machine learning, geospatial analysis, and business intelligence


A platform for version control and collaboration that allows developers to work on projects together and track changes to their code


Easily add Kissmetrics event tracking to your online store with one click


Segment collects events from your online store and mobile app and provides a complete data toolkit to every team in your company


A/B testing and multivariate testing tools, website personalization, and feature toggle capabilities, as well as web content management and eCommerce


Helps people and organizations be more data-driven


Get the most advanced analytics for your online store with Mixpanel


Analytics platform to help you run your subscription business


Data API that lets you enrich your person and company records with social, demographic, and firmographic data

Microsoft Power BI

Discover, analyze, visualize and share insights and translate them into impact


Suite of analytics tools that will help you gather qualitative data


Integrate your online store with 5000+ cloud apps and services today

Google Sheets

Create, edit, and share spreadsheets wherever you are, and get automated insights from your data

Microsoft Excel

Create, view, edit and share files, charts and data


A modern database created for everyone to organize anything


Instant messaging, document sharing, and knowledge search for modern teams

Microsoft Teams

The hub for real-time collaboration and much more that your team needs

YouTube Creators

Create and upload videos, audio, written articles, or a combination of these formats content to YouTube

Amazon DSP Ads

Develops a comprehensive advertising plan with unique insights

Amazon Sponsored Products

Ads for individual product listings on Amazon

Twitter Ads

Highlight your products directly on Twitter

LinkedIn Ads

Drive website traffic, build awareness & generate higher quality leads with LinkedIn Ads


Advertise your products on Pinterest to reach potential customers

Google Search Console

Helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results


All-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals

Yoast SEO

Improves your website's rankings on search engines, by optimizing your site's content and keywords


Scheduling tool for businesses that eliminates email back and forth

Zoho Cliq

Hybrid team collaboration solutions for all sizes of businesses and various industries


Provide live chat support to your customers


Business wise messaging app that enables them to talk to their website visitors and customers in real-time, from anywhere


An email marketing platform built for eCommerce and web businesses, powered by data


Drive traffic and sales with email and marketing automation


Provides reliable email deliverability which scales with any business


A multi-purpose social media marketing management tool


All-in-one social media scheduler, manager, and analytics secret weapon

Google Contacts

The address book built into Gmail, let the users keep track of all your contacts, see the last interaction with them, and more


Customer experience automation platform that helps businesses meaningfully engage customers


Work management platform for teams to orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives

Jira Atlassian

Help teams plan, track, and discuss work while connecting back to company goals


Stay on top of your task list by automatically creating, updating, and organizing them in Trello


Allow users to read and write reviews of software products and services, and see how they compare to other products in the same category


Give every business the tools to turn consumer feedback into business results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from Studio Marketplace?

The Studio Marketplace is designed to help you expand your workspace and enhance your business through a variety of services and integrations.

What is the difference between app, service and integration?

Services are for supporting a specific platform, and the daily tasks will be controlled and completed by the Eystx team. Integrations are more likely a one-time operation but linking tools and making the process work smoothly will be our responsibility.

Will I get a consultation for the Marketplace?

Of course, we are always there to support you during your subscription.

How I'll be charged for using the marketplace?

The base plan only includes Studio access, and each app or service has its pricing and will be added to your subscription additionally.

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