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Industry Overview

Fashion and Apparel

According to a report by Statista, fashion is the largest B2C eCommerce market segment. 9.1%, that’s how much the fashion eCommerce market is expected to grow per year. 2020 the global size was estimated at US$752.5 billion, by the end of 2025, the total market size is expected to be US$1.164,7 billion.
Industry Overview

Beauty and Personal Care

Over the past few years, beauty and personal care e-commerce have experienced tremendous growth in the United States. What used to be an industry limited to physical stores not too long ago, is now taking hold of the digital landscape at a rapid pace. In 2020, personal care retail sales in the United States generated 32 billion U.S dollars in e-commerce revenue, and thereby accounted for almost 7.4 percent of total retail e-commerce sales that year.

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