Customer Profiling and Segmentation

Companies that obsess over customer behavior data will outperform their competitors.


Eystx gives retailers the ability to segment audiences based on almost any combination of factors, such as category affinity, brand affinity, gender, lifecycle stage, and more. These segments can then be used to personalize product recommendations, content, category merchandising, pop-ups, and more.

Combine real-time behavioral data, transactional data, and personal data to build unique profiles for shoppers that can be used in any combination of experiences. Eystx also automatically creates segments and predicts shoppers most likely to buy for more effective campaigns and ultimately more revenue.

Audience profiling is the process of building an audience of specific types of individuals in order to discover which platforms they use, what content they consume, which people, bodies, and brands influence them, their personality traits, purchase influences, socioeconomics, and demographics.

At Eystx, we are highly skilled at deriving actionable insights from these data points and translating these into highly effective marketing strategies and campaigns based on your goals.

Audience profiling is an essential service for companies who wish to adopt an evidence-based, audience-centric marketing strategy. Such an approach can significantly reduce the cost of time and investment spent on discussing strategic disagreements between departments, internal and agency stakeholders, or following subjective executive board decisions that do not represent the audience’s genuine needs. By following this solid process, your strategy is underpinned by irrefutable facts based on real audience insights.

Customer behavior Analysis and purchase is not a new concept. Before the advent of the Internet, to predict it, marketers would study a customer’s behavior to determine what products they would be interested in buying. This was done through customer surveys, which were costly and time-consuming. With the power of data analytics though, some businesses are now able to predict consumer behavior by analyzing past purchases, search history, or even social media profiles.

The key to successful behavioral analysis marketing is being able to identify what your customers want and then give it to them. Customer behavior analytics is now used to predict it. There are many different types of behavioral analytics out there, but one of the most common is customer analytics. This allows you to gather information on how your customers interact with your products or services. When you’re gathering customer analytics, you can categorize your data based on a specific topic such as customer behaviors.


What is the service, and how does it work?

Each service combines strategy, customer insight, and technology engineering to deliver a remarkable result for a specific task or goal.

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