AI research, and its application, for positive real-world impact.

Our team is composed of diverse experts who contribute to the progress of Artificial Intelligence. We are artists, researchers, and scientists, working together to build complex AI systems able to learn how to solve problems and advance scientific discovery in all aspects of our lives.

The Company

To solve problems, develop creative ideas.

Our company is caught up in the beautiful world of Artificial Intelligence. It’s what allows us to solve problems, develop creative ideas, and make the scientific breakthroughs that our world needs. Yet, so many discoveries are still just mysteries waiting to be solved. So many challenges to our wellbeing and environment are yet to be fixed. That’s why we aim to build advanced Artificial Intelligence to expand our knowledge and expertise and use it to help people solve thousands of problems that affect our society.
The Technology

For the wider public benefit and scientific discovery.

Our goal is to design our technologies for widespread public benefit and scientific discovery. Therefore, we want to collaborate with other organizations that share our philosophy in solving the various critical challenges of our projects.

Research Areas

Science complements Eystx’s engineering and product disciplines and is critical to all Eystx businesses focused on delivering increased customer value.

Digital Commerce

To have an Interdisciplinary collaboration among computer scientists, economists, statisticians, and analytic marketing researchers at Eystx and academic institutions worldwide.

Machine Intelligence

To develop algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to perform tasks without explicit instructions, relying on patterns and inference.

Machine Perception

To tackle the complex problems of understanding images, sounds, music, and video. We need to help devices see and understand our visual world.


Natural-language Processing. To use machine learning to help people communicate with computers naturally, as if communicating with family and friends.


To foster close collaborations between machine learning researchers and roboticists to enable learning at scale on real and simulated robotic systems.

Data Management

To discover, index, monitor, and organize all types of data to make it easier to access high-quality datasets to help us make the right decision in our activities.

Quantum Computing

To apply quantum computing to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Many tasks in these areas rely on solving complex optimization problems or performing efficient sampling.

Eystx Community

We are driven by a four-part mission to generate a positive impact.





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Our teams aspire to make discoveries that impact everyone, and the core to our approach is sharing our research and tools to fuel progress in the field.

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Our team is always looking for new talent in bright, highly-skilled, and motivated individuals.

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