Eystx RED

Our Multi-Purpose Evolutionary Machine Learning System.

Eystx RED can solve complex business problems and accelerate the discovery of new ideas with results we can understand and trust.

Eystx RED is uniquely designed for today’s digital commerce challenges and opportunities, creating personalized customer experiences and ensuring supply chain and inventory forecasting while optimizing the costs of retail operations.

RED Capabilities

 Market Research

Using RED developed with data from sources like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, RED can scan huge amounts of market research information in far less time than traditional methods.

Image Recognition

RED can create and standardize catalog text and image content with product tagging and image moderation.

Shopper Personas

RED personalization engine builds nuanced shopper profiles for every shopper by learning from their actions on the site and mapping it to rich product data.

Product Discovery

Using image and text data, RED can generate tags across 500+ attributes for every product in each catalog. It then uses this data to build associations between products in the business catalog.

Content Creation

RED is trained to generate original, creative content. Blog articles, social media posts, website copy, and more.

Dynamic Pricing

RED algorithms can find the ideal pricing for these situations, improving revenue outcomes, and lowering the guesswork for all types of pricing madness.

A/B Testing

RED can help identify patterns and gain deeper insights into shopper behavior. With data-led decision-making.

Increase ROI

Red can analyze and understand the marketing attributes that are driving customer conversion.

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