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Helping founders turn their vision into reality.

As a founding partner, we work with visionary founders by providing hands-on guidance with branding and positioning, product design and development, and fundraising for future rounds.

We combine #design expertise, advanced #technology, #operational support, and #capital to build a remarkable business.


We help craft the brand's identity and develop branding systems.


We share our tested playbooks, processes, and go-to-market strategies.

Product Design

We guide the product design process by creating mockups, and prototypes.


We activate our network of advisors, founders, operators, investors, and designers.

Operational Support

Support with company formation, logistics, legal, and more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is MAKERS?

    Makers is one of Eystx’s programs, where the best founders find support and funding to grow their startups.

    We provide startups with impactful early-stage capital, curated advice from our partners and mentors, and an international community of founders to create the best environment for your startup to succeed.

    Should I apply to MAKERS?

    If you have an exciting, category-defining startup or idea, you should apply.

    We designed Makers to be the most flexible early-stage program for founders. Regardless of your startup’s stage, we provide you with flexible funding terms, a dedicated support team, an international network of advisors and partners, and a supportive founder community to scale your company.

    We accept applications to Makers at any time from anywhere, so you can apply when it’s appropriate for your startup.

    What type of startups is Makers looking for?

    Makers invest in a wide range of category-defining companies. We encourage you to apply regardless of your industry.

    How do I apply?

    You can start the application process at
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