Pick Up & Drop Off Site Planning

Improve delivery efficiency and convenience

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services: The biggest last-mile challenges facing the logistics industry are: failed deliveries and missed deliveries.

Retail outlets have had a consistent collapse in in-store traffic since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. E-commerce has now become the preferred choice for any kind of purchase.

The rise in home deliveries has put increased pressure on stock and delivery capacity. Delivering 100 parcels to 100 homes is less efficient than delivering 100 parcels to three or four destinations.

If businesses have to deal with demand effectively, they have to reduce miles travelled, while ensuring that customer experience remains intact. Pick Up and Drop Off collection points cater to this very need. PUDOs frees up home delivery slots for those who genuinely need it.

PUDOs can enable under-pressure retailers to help customers access online shopping without long waiting periods. Today, many retail outlets are working on creating PUDOs locations like BOPIS collection points.

Customers hate to wait for their parcels, and on the other hand, it is equally painful when customers aren’t available even after all the relevant notifications. These failed and missed deliveries can impact your efficiency, and increase your reverse logistics costs.