Amazon Advertising

We ScaleAmazon Brands

Combining our Amazon Marketplace experience and world-class marketing practices

It helps us: to work with all types of advertising on Amazon (SP, SB, SD) and build a unique structure that allows us to isolate and control each keyword on Amazon, maximizing ad return for every dollar spent.

to track the results in order to identify advertising goals, reach the top of your ad sales and revenue to see your total business performance with unified measurements and reporting.

to analyze and quickly optimize all the necessary data by monitoring crucial advertising metrics.

to automate campaigns and save clients’ and specialists’ time to concentrate on problems that can be solved only manually.

Our own experience of selling on Amazon helped us understand that you need a method to reach the masses to build a real brand. Using the best marketing and advertising practices brings revenue into the business and grows brand awareness. And you have a chance to re-invest the money.


Amazon DSP

We know what metrics are important for Amazon brands and how to improve them together

89% of Amazon sellers are afraid of working with external traffic due to a lack of digital marketing strategy around their brand.