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MI Studio is a growth hacking and data analysis consultations agency. Based in Istanbul, Türkiye, and Dubai, UAE. We have worked with big names in the market like Nike, Disney, Redbull, Supreme, and many others over the past 12 years in web development and design, growth hacking, and data analysis.

In the beginning, we were working with companies in many industries. We worked with Telecom, Mobile Technology, Entertainment, Fashion, and Online Education. But over time, we decided to specialize more in eCommerce projects, not only because of our personal preferences but also because of our belief that specialization is a primary part of excellence in achievement.

After launching Eystx in January 2022. We decided to shut down MI STUDIO and move all work and services under Eystx STUDIO to bring a new spirit to our work and get a give our clients access to our Eystx AI API and gather businesses under one roof. In the end, this will help us to provide the best services supported by artificial intelligence. All of our services now are supported by Eystx AI API.

Mohamed Irshaid