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Our conscious culture focuses on helping us achieve excellence.

When building something great, team and culture are just as important as strategy and product. Every company will say they have a great culture and point to their values listed on a wall. But culture is not simply a list of values. Culture is woven into everything you do, and it has to be a priority one from day one, even at the expense of short-term momentum and growth. The true test of culture is how people operate day-to-day. It’s how people feel when everything is going well, but also in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

A strong culture helps weather the inevitable storms that threaten every business. It’s something you work hard at improving each and every day. A Conscious Culture and practices will make anyone, or any company, more successful. Our learnings will be shared here with the rest of the world.

A Conscious Culture has one requirement: a growth mindset –a willingness to learn, try new things, fail, and push yourself to grow. Teammates who have that will thrive while those who don’t will not.

There are very successful, well-known companies that have mastered execution. While execution is core to running a business, it is not the full story. The world is waking up to the fact that work is not just to make ends meet, and the best talent out there is coming to expect an enriching work experience.

Tomorrow’s work environment can and should foster personal growth and result in incredible business outcomes. We believe both are inextricably linked.

In a Conscious Culture, you don’t work endless hours for the sake of working – you make every hour at work count, so you can make every hour count when you’re not. In a Conscious Culture, the work itself is rewarding because you’re encouraged to push things forward, grow, and take risks – not operating out of fear or endlessly caught in bureaucracy. In a Conscious Culture, you are surrounded by people who want to see you succeed because your incentives are aligned. In a Conscious Culture, you’re growing personally and professionally while driving real change in the business and the world around you.

Mohamed Irshaid